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・Economic Singapore is one of the world’s least corrupt and most successful countries in terms of its economic welfare. Ex-president Lee Kuan Yew greatly contributed to the success. He did the strategy of accepting international trade and economic liberalization. Thanks to that, today Singapore is open business and efficient regulatory. They show the high trade freedom. Average tariff rate is 0 percent. Exports of some products like chewing gum and chewing tobacco to Singapore are prohibited. They do not need minimum capital required to start a business. Moreover, they show high a per capita GDP. Singapore is in 7th position in the world. ・Political Singapore is officially a republic. In Singapore, the Prime Minister has the executive power.…show more content…
Therefore, generally the family trend is a nuclear family. A nuclear family make up of parents and unmarried children living under the same roof. In 1990, about 85% of resident households were nuclear families (Every Culture). As for the extended family, close relationships are usually retained. In the United States, there is a lot of time spend with the families during holiday celebrations and festivities (Every Culture). The dynamics of a family include parental roles, marriage, and courtship. Mother and father equally rules of the parents. As for marriage, some rules are different because they have some religions. Generally they have only one wife, in contrast among Muslim Malay polygamy or having more than one wife is allowed. The first marriage average age has goes up, and it is normal for young adults to live with their parents till they get married. Traditionally, the sons took over family assets, on the other hand daughters were expected to marry out of the family (Every…show more content…
They have a lot of severe rules which have to be conducted. The individual is not regarded more significant than the group. Because they are high context and saving face is important, they do not directly disagree, say negative thing so much. Also, they are so diverse that business person must think about each culture. For example, if business people want to schedule meeting, do not try during Chinese New Year, which is around late January and early February. Also, people should avoid the meeting at Friday and Ramadan when do business with

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