Education System In Singapore Essay

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The report is on Singapore’s Education System. It aims to find out the development that Singapore’s Education System have made over the years that make it effective today and to see if there are any negative effect on the students and teacher. It is also to make students realise to not take access to education for granted and to appreciate what the government have done for us over the years because education is the one thing that can change your life for the better.
Singapore’s Education System, is said to be “one of the best” in the world and that this is recognised around the world. They were “ranked first in Primary 4 and Secondary 2 Science”. Singapore is “ranked first across 142 countries in Science and Math in the World Economic Forum’s
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They are rank third in terms of their education system. Most students have attained above average results.
The strict rules that schools have set makes most student law-abiding citizens in the near future. This also makes Singapore a country with low crime making it generally safe for people to walk in the streets at night, at the same time, preventing riots and gang fights from occurring.
Parents agree that the education system is effective enough for their child to have a comfortable future. Teaching is one of the many job opportunities in the Singapore Education System and they are paid well not only in terms of salary but also job satisfaction.
Leaders from all over the world come to Singapore to learn about the Singapore Education System. They aim to make their country a much more develop one using the knowledge gained through study visits about our education system. In this process, Singapore also gain profit, making them a rich country with no debts at
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It is ranked first for their education system. Students in South Korea study for very long hours. Reasons why students in South Korea achieve great results is because, they believe in hard work instead of talents. Even though some may be talented, they still study hard to attain good results. Their culture strongly believe in hard work and diligence over all. Talent is not a consideration to have a bright future. They believe that success comes with sacrifice and it have been proven right by the results that their students produce, making them ranked first in their education
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