Major Challenges Faced (SGX)

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Major Challenges Faced (SGX) The Singapore Exchange (SGX) has indeed faced a number of challenges in recent years. Some of them are not unique to SGX or Singapore. Globally, there has been a significant decline in Initial Public Offering (IPO) activity, including in markets like the US and Hong Kong. A weak economic outlook and heightened market volatility have been cited as reasons for this lackluster IPO activity. The rise of alternative private financing markets, offering comparable scale and pricing, also poses increasing competition to public stock exchanges globally. There are other challenges faced by SGX more particularly, such as low levels of liquidity and many poorly performing counters. While its derivatives business remains among…show more content…
However, the external backdrop should not be ignored, and retail market participation has remained active, equities and fixed income. Major Challenges Faced (ASX) The main challenges that the ASX faced are the environment around securities exchanges in terms of the volatility of markets, competition between exchanges and service providers, regulation and technology is extremely dynamic. The biggest challenge for Stevens, however, will be the volatility of the environment within which ASX operates, both in dynamism of its own sector but more particularly in the tides that flow through the various types of securities that trade on its platforms. That volatility has increased significantly since the financial crisis, as has financial regulation, including regulation of securities exchanges, around the globe. ASX, like any exchange, wants to attract more listings but at the same time is anxious to protect the reputation of its markets. The proposed changes to its rules are regarded as tightening the filters for potential new listings and are designed to protect the quality of the companies the exchange

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