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In this essay, I will be writing about the identity and appearance of the female office workers in Singapore. This will all be based on research done. Fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries all around the world even until today. It is always rising in its popularity especially among the people from western countries.

How they dress and what do they wear for work?

According to Crane (1999, p1), clothing is one of the most visible forms of consumption and performs a major role in the construction of identity.
In previous centuries, clothing was the principal means for identifying oneself in public space.

Clothing can differentiate the different occupations in the industry. Currently in Singapore, conservative attitudes
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Styles of working clothes in Singapore are no longer constraining. I continued to research on how occupation clothing communicates different meanings compared to their own casual clothing.

Workingwomen have to construct self-image and appropriate presentation of self for work. Although professional attire is by default still compulsory in all workplaces, appropriate casual attires are still acceptable but still vary. They select styles on the basis of the perceptions of their identity and busy lifestyles as workingwomen.

Crane (1999, p8) mentioned that the tastes of workingwoman would be based on clothing that was practical, functional and durable rather than aesthetically pleasing and stylish.

Many workingwomen are dressed in formal-casual wear for work. Many workingwomen have traded their traditional and formal business look for more casual attire. The office ladies are wearing more dresses instead of power suits. Some office ladies do also turn up in attires with lower necklines or short bottoms to
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Currently, you will rarely see women or even the men in suits. This generally becomes acceptable and is actually normal to see around Singapore especially around the Central Business District areas.

Many workingwomen keep their styles basic or simple. The reason being is to be able to keep wearing and re-wearing.

Where in Singapore can you see the workingwomen?

There are actually many places in Singapore where corporate workers can be seen. Especially the Central Business Districts around town where the commercial and financial business center of Singapore are. There are a total of eleven urban planning areas, the Downtown Core, Marina East, Marina South, Museum, Newton, Orchard, Outram, River Valley, Rochor and Raffles Place.

Singapore commuters at many MRT stations during rush hours going to work and getting off work heading to or coming from the Central Business District areas are where many workingwomen are spotted.

During lunch break, food courts, hawker centers, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants are always fully packed with office workers. There will be the time where many workingwomen will be

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