Sovereignty In Singapore Essay

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Singapore is a sovereign state. Sovereignty is defined as the quality or state of being sovereign, or having absolute independence and power such as authority. (, n.d) Additionally, a sovereign state such as Singapore can be represented as an independent nation, having full control and autonomy over its regulations and decisions within its territories.
There is a great deal of challenges relating to sovereignty due to the ongoing process of globalization. However there are three challenges which stood out the most, they are the migration issues, the challenge of compromising state laws and policies to more powerful foreign nations and conflict over territories between nations. Firstly, migration become far more common as compared
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Thus, Singapore has took measures in order to protect its sovereignty over its territories, ideology and citizens. Firstly, Singapore has been maintaining peaceful and strong diplomatic ties with countries all over the world through diplomacy efforts such as sending humanitarian aids to countries in need and conducting bilateral agreements to boosts each other’s defenses and economies. Secondly, Singapore introduced a compulsory requirement for all males to serve the army and equipping them with the knowledge and trainings in order to protect the country, hence strengthening Singapore’s military defenses. Lastly, the Singaporean government will firmly protest against countries diplomatically if they threaten Singapore’s sovereignty over itself when necessary, for example protesting against the naming of a warship in Indonesia after the marines who bombed Singapore. In my opinion, these efforts are beneficial to maintain and protect Singapore’s sovereignty in this fast changing and interconnected world. Being a small nation with lack of natural resources, Singapore’s efforts of maintaining diplomatic ties with many countries allows it to benefit from the advantages of the other countries and reduces tensions by supporting each other. Furthermore, I feel that by equipping males with warfare knowledge allows us to be combat ready in anticipation to warfare, hence deterring countries and terrorists from planning attacks in Singapore. Lastly, I strongly believe that by actively protesting against situations which will potentially affect Singapore’s sovereignty will prevent future re-occurrence as this shows that Singapore is determined to protect its territory, ideology and citizens at all

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