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Singapore’s Defence One hard truth is that the Asia-Pacific region is still a potentially dangerous region region. According to the author, the Asia-Pacific region has had many events that could potentially cause huge conflicts. He referred to the standoff between China and Japan over the Diaoyu or Senkaku islands, North Korea 's nuclear programme and the South China Sea territorial spats. Singapore’s relationship with neighbouring countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia are also filled with rivalry and tension. This was seen in 1991, where Indonesia and Malaysia conducted a joint military exercise codenamed Malindo Darsasa 3AB on 9th August which was Singapore’s National Day. This exercise which involved airborne assaults in southern…show more content…
Once an invading country steps into Singapore, the war would be over. In fact, one bomb is enough to wipe out the whole of Singapore. Thus, it can be said that the lack of strategic depth is a main weakness of Singapore. Another weakness of Singapore is its lack of natural resources. Water, our main source of survival is even such a limited resource that we have to purchase our water from Malaysia. Other countries can also grow their own food, but Singapore is just too small to be selfsufficient. Singapore has three food taps, imports, self production and stockpiles. However,
Singapore only produced 10% of its food and imports the other 90%. Thus, can be said that Singapore is extremely vulnerable to external factors such as climate change in other countries. At the end of the day, other countries will only supply to Singapore what they have in excess in their own country. If there was a day where Thailand lacked rice, it would probably stop all rice exports to Singapore. Thus, Singapore has to ensure that our supplies come from various sources and we are not too dependent on any

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