Singapore Teacher Values

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It is the job of a teacher to “bring out the best in every child’ as teachers are part of the core of Singapore’s holistic education system, along with the allied educators and school leaders. The students look up to their teachers and see their teachers as role-models, guiding their actions and instilling the right values in them. It is of utmost importance for a teacher to behave professionally so as to enhance the learning experiences and teach values such as respect, responsibility, integrity, care, and harmony to the students in an effort to safeguard our cohesive and harmonious multi-racial and multi-cultural society. For example, by abiding by the code of conduct and dress code for teachers, the teacher portrays an image of decorum and…show more content…
Thinking Schools, Learning Nation (TSLN) was announced by the then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong in 1997 (Ng, 2008). The Ministry of Education also launched the Information Literacy Guidelines (MOE, 1997a) as well as the Masterplan for ICT in Education in the same year (MOE, 1997b). TSLN is a vision for a total learning environment that ensures that students can think for themselves so that the next generation can find their own solutions to whatever new problems they may face in the future. It involves cutting back the amount of content knowledge students learnt in school and spending more time on projects that will develop creative thinking skills, communication skills as well as the habit of independent learning with the use of information and communications technology (ICT) tools. In this case, teachers need to be consistent in looking out for new ideas and practices, continually updating their own knowledge and keeping up with the times, relating what is taught in classrooms to current events and…show more content…
In this dynamic environment, Singapore’s education system has been shaped and key initiatives implemented to prepare the students for the 21st century of emerging economic and social trends as well as challenges, therefore a need for teachers to be professional

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