Singapore Tourism Board Case Study

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About Singapore Tourism Board Under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore, the Singapore Tourism board (STB) is a Statutory Board that is responsible for Singapore’s progress in the Tourism sector through the use of strategic marketing and planning. STB is one of Singapore’s key players for economic growth and stability. Formally known and established as The Singapore Tourism Promotion board (STPB) in the year 1964, the STPB was formed with the idea to make Singapore a tourism destination. Since then, the STPB has seen much progress in the tourism industry, bringing in more tourists every year. STPB began by making Singapore as a destination for convention and events in the 1970s. In the 1980s, STPB took a huge leap in the implementation of a billion dollars project, known as the Tourism product Development Plan. The project was started with the intention of preserving Singapore’s heritage and culture, and to create new unique products and events. It was subsequently renamed as the Singapore tourism board in the year 1997. (STB, N.D.) STB also gained authority in the issuance of license and was able to make sure that the tourism industry in Singapore is of a certain level of professionalism. (Apostolopoulos, 2002, p55) Since then, STB has continued its effort in marketing Singapore as an urban tourism destination, with the establishment of integrated resorts and the improvement of the infrastructure of Singapore. There was a period of time that the economy affected

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