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The creation of the Singapore Zoo has been influenced by the Singapore’s history. The Singapore Zoo known as the “Singapore Zoological Garden “was created in 1973, however it has some predecessor, such as “Ponggol Zoo” which was located 317 Serangoon Road and was opened by Lawrence Soma Basapa alias “Animal Man”. Indeed, according to the popularity and the rising attendance of the attraction, the Indian trader saw an opportunity to increases the entrance’s fees and enlarge his animal collection as well, however he received few complaints from the Singapore Rural Board about the noise and overcrowding in animals. Unfortunately, even if the popularity of the zoo was at its apogee, it has been destroyed by the British’s army…show more content…
Indeed, since the number of visitors hit one million in 1974, this number hasn’t stopped to rise which may affects the well-being of the animals and cleanness of the location. A study conducted in “Edinburg zoo “has demonstrated that the animal’s behaviors are affected by the human’s presence, this experimentation was focusing on the monkeys, so those impacts can apply in Singapore Zoo according to the “Orang Outang Breakfast “but even with the other type of animals as well. The study has revealed that the attitude of the animals varied according to the percentage of attendance in the attraction, they noticed that during the peak season in summer each breed of animals was more aggressive and will be more tendency to have an inappropriate behavior compared to the winter when the attendance is decreasing, which can lead to a peak of stress and affects the welfare of the animals. The second affect from overcrowding may affect the healthy environment of the attraction’s location and even the animal’s security. Indeed, litter has been found in the animal’s paddock which can be dangerous if an animal ingested, it could lead to serious damages to the animal body and even a loss of endangered breed of animals. When the littering is taking place is not affecting only the animals but also the “Upper Seletar Reservoir” is affected negatively which may leads to a loss of authenticity of the location. The most negative affect of overcrowding is the lack of privacy of the animals because some of them are displaying during the day and the night as well to meet the standards of the Night Safari which affect directly the welfare of the animals and even directly the conservation of certain endangered breeds. Same as humans, animals need privacy in order to reproduce, this impact may lead to a decrease of

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