Hilton Hotel Management

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In terms of sustainable management, Hilton Singapore is playing its role and trying to create an impact in the hospitality industry. In the year 2014, the management is contributing in the growth of LightStay. They have made user interface simpler and made data more obtainable so that it can be shared easily. This will help in spreading awareness and engagement. This upgrade will help the hotel to monitor their sustainability performance and their impact on the community and society.
The Hilton Singapore has a Champion or committee that has pledged to achieve sustainability performance. They will also ascertain projects that will help in them in improving sustainability performance at the hotel. The hotel has undertaken
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It uses sustainable products that help in reducing the amount of water used in the cleaning processes. The reduction in the amount of water is up to 30 per cent. Furthermore, sustainable housekeeping contributes in improving the efficiency and brings a reduction in the number of toxic chemicals that are used in cleaning. The hotel uses water-efficient showers that help in 30% of water savings without affecting the guests. Use of sustainable laundry helps in the reduction of water usage by 45% and energy usage by 43%. Furthermore it increases the life of linen by 40%.
The first hotel in Asia to be awarded Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Chain of Custody certifications is Hilton Singapore. This means that the seafood dishes, prepared in the food and beverage outlets that are operated by Hilton Singapore, with respective ecolabels are prepared with seafood sources which are sustainably caught and farmed.
Hilton Singapore is an example for other companies on how to live sustainably. It understands that by adopting sustainable practices it can achieve economic benefits while contributing to the environment and society. Hilton Singapore is an outstanding example of corporate leadership in terms of sustainable management. Other hotels and restaurants in Singapore need to follow the lead of Hilton and practice sustainability to make a
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