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Singer Bangladesh Limited is operating in this subcontinent since British Period, 1905. The firm had established itself as public limited company in 1983 and got listed in DSE. It has been a direct subsidiary of the Singer Bhold BV, the Netherlands since 2003 where Singer Bhold BV holds 75% of total share. The Netherlands and rests are held by local investors. Up to 1985, the Company delivered only sewing machine. These days, the Company is in the matter of assembling of family unit shopper sturdy items including shading TVs, ventilation systems, sewing machines, furniture and some other associated items. Next to these, it is likewise doing advertising of electronic, home appliance, refrigerator & freezer, air conditioners, computer and instant…show more content…
At present 75% of its shares are held by the chiefs, 7.46% by investors and rest 17.54% by public. SINGER Shops transformed into 'Singer Mega' and 'Singer Plus' back in 2006, which is part of its multi-branding strategy. The main goal of the brand is to make available famous brands under similar product category so that they can provide customers a variety of choice. SINGER Mega and SINGER Plus shops now offer worldwide famous brands like Grundig, Apple, BEKO, Samsung, Skyworth, Siemens, Videocon, Singtech, Preethi, Dell, Toshiba, Prestige, and many more. SWOT analysis, the comprehensive audit and competitive analysis that will tell us the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for Singer in starting the new brand “Dazzle”. Strengths: • Introducing our the product in two base prices with different qualities to attract different group of people • High popularity of Singer is a positive sign to start Dazzle as a jeans brand, as positive brand value forces peoples’ mind to go with them • Maintaining modern design based on trends • Raw materials that are needed to produce garments are available in Bangladesh within cheap…show more content…
• A large number of profits in year 2014 and 2015 reduce the risks to establish a new brand Threats: • There are always some uncertainties in launching a very new brand in an established market • The company will have to handle sharp competition between rivals in terms of financial and marketing resources • Raise of supplying local garments products among all types of markets at cheaper price is a great threat for Dazzle. It demotivates customers to come in the brand shops because they are getting export quality products at low price illegally from outside • Price of cotton is increasing globally which is the main raw material of our product • Making people loyal towards the brand is one of the biggest threats • As Singer already have used large number of cash generated from investing activities, it is risky for the company to invest money in the new business • Exchange of fake products is increasing

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