Singin In The Rain: A Classic Hollywood Film

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Singin’ in the Rain is a classic Hollywood movie about making films. Film's musical genre makes it novel. The film uses romantic comedy for its narrative template and to express and narrate the story, Donen and Kelly used a combination of music, singing, dancing, and spoken dialogue. This movie humorously and romantically depicts an excellent time in Hollywood cinema – the transition from silent films to talkies. Combining musical performance, and the power of cinema made Singin’ in the Rain a success. Characters such as Lina, Kathy, Don, and Donald O’Connor’s Cosmo Brown start a song and dance as part of any situation in a light-hearted, pleasant manner. The movie includes songs and dances instead of some dialogue during some moments, which help story’s characters express their emotions. For example, Kelly’s Don Lockwood sings in the rain when he realizes he’s falling in love. He splashes around in the puddles and even throws his umbrella. He doesn’t mind getting wet because he is in love. These things provide entertainment for all the audience.…show more content…
During this experimentation with a novel form of production, people had to produce a good system for recording sound. During this time, cameras were housed in blimps and microphones were hidden. Microphones and cameras helped dialogue to be coherent to the audience Singin' in the Rain is one of the greatest movies at that time. It is abstract and still can entertain people by its musical theme with the humorous and romantic
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