Singin In The Rain

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Singin' in the Rain relates to the 'The Self and Community' section. The section discusses "the theme of the individual self versus the connected self" (The Human Experience 93). Kathy had to choose between living her dream as an actress in the spotlight or being a voice actress behind the scenes. If Kathy was an actress behind the scenes, she would not get any recognition because Lina is more famous than her and Lina would not want to share the spotlight. This reminds me of "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" by Ursula K. LeGuin in the Alienation subsection because they alienated the child in a closet to make the rest of the city happy. The subsection is about "how we should treat both the weakest and most powerful arise" (The Human Experience…show more content…
The subsection is considering "how one is defined, described and constructed by nationality, family, ethnicity, and gender" (The Human Experience 93). Don was shown male privilege over Lina. He was allowed to say the speeches at the end of the premieres of all their films and Lina was not. Their crew thought that Lina would say something wrong or uneducated. "Ingroup and Outgroup" by David G. Myers is in 'The Social Self' subsection. The subsection's authors are asking "how do the communities to which we belong contribute to making us who we are" (The Human Experience 93)?can be related to Singin' in the Rain because Don was in the ingroup with all of his Hollywood actor friends. He "dated" Lina who is also in the ingroup because they are famous. Kathy on the other hand is a part of the outgroup. She is a aspiring Broadway actress, but is currently in a dancing and singing group. Both of these careers would be considered outgroup to film actors and actresses. Don would have to choose between being a part of the ingroup or the outgroup because according to Myers, you cannot be in both
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