Singing In The Rain

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Genre is a label that categorizes a film to the audience, but not to assess the artwork. It can be defined as a hint or trigger that makes the viewers willing to purchase the tickets and to spend their leisure time watching it. Sometimes movies contain more than one genres which is hard to be identified. Nonetheless, Singing in the Rain and La La Land, the two well-known musical films had created great impacts in the musical movie industry. Both films use “singing” to create love stories along with the plots and cinematographies by making the female character the famous movie star at the end. In fact, the audience can see how La La Land challenged and solidified the elements in Singing in the Rain into modern cinema. Musicals were first being performed on stage like…show more content…
Making a musical into a movie requires professional cinematography. Additionally, group dance often contains the interactions between the main actors and the side dancers. In La La Land, group dances in the scenes on the Los Angles highway and in the movie studio, Sebastian and Mia have interactions with other characters while they dance along. Same in Singing in the Rain, when Cosmo tries to teach Don how to make the audience laugh and begins his performance on “Make ‘Em Laugh” includes manifold amount of interactions with the set workers while they carry the plank. However, these dances were all shot in one long take. The old school way of representing the unabridged performance has been retain till modern cinema. By making one long take, both cinematographers made the camera lively by tracking and dancing with the performers. Lively camera movements help the scene creates more emotions. However, musical is a type of genre that can be easily identified because singing and dancing are the components that build up the work. Additionally, musicals are often being combine with romance, which in Singing in the Rain and La La Land both

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