Singings By Pinky: Monologue Of Mrs. Flores

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It all started when Mrs. Flores made me promise I would become a writer... The end of eight grade had finally come. It was student day and I bought Mrs. Flores and orchid. When I gave it to her she was like "Oh my gosh, Enid! You bought me an orchid? I love orchids... Promise me you 'll be a writer, pinky swear it. I 'll go to your book singings. I 'm gonna miss you so much." Even if you don 't believe it, that 's when my dream of becoming a writer ignited. Seventh grade was the year I met Mrs. Flores... I didn 't like her, or her class. For me English class meant complete boredom. My first essay I wrote it that year. The theme was myths. But non of that matters, what matters is that that was the start of something great. Even if I was

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