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Help Children Get a Home and Save Their Life Single adopters should be seen as much capable as married couple at taking care of children because it is the best thing for the child and the adopter. There are many children who need to be adopted. There are approximately 408,425 children who need to be adopted in the US only (Unmarried Equality). Most adoptive children all around the world have been abused, neglected leading to physical, emotional, and intellectual disabilities (Unmarried Equality). We need to help these children get a home instead of depriving them of their rights just because of our discrimination against single adopters. Single adopters should get as much right to adopt a child as couple adopters. Many adoption agencies and…show more content…
They actually are very capable of taking care of children in a healthy environment. Single parents lack the animosity from former spouses, reduced income, and insecurity with the new status of being a single parent (Family Education). This allows for the children to grow up in loving and caring environment reducing the number of children with social issues. There are many single parents (biological) around the world due to divorce, deployment, or death of spouses so why can’t single adopters have children? (Child Welfare Information Gateway, Pg. 14). “A New York Times article reports that out of one-fifth of the nation 's 51.1 million Caucasian children, over half of the 9.8 million African-American children, and almost one-third of the 7 million Hispanic children live with one parent due to divorce and unwed mothers.” (Cormell, Also unstable and broken home causes more damage to a child than having one parent (Cormell,…show more content…
Based on a study published in Families in Society, over half of single adopters had some college education (Family Education). Also most single adopters are very capable in the career portion and in taking care of children. Single adopters can also join an adoptive parent (couple and single) group that will help them get ready before adopting (Family Education). This proves that not only are single adopters educated and ready for a child in the financial standard, but they can also be ready for any kinds of possible challenges after adoption by joining a group for

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