Single Mom Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered the effects of single mothers raising their children? I happen to be one of those children that was raised only by their mother. Throughout my childhood I was faced with many struggles of only having my mother to count on, as well as benefits of learning how to be independent. Being raised by my mom did not only harbor me with many negative effects, but also many positive effects that made me into the person I am today. When I think of a single mother, I typically imagine a woman waking her kids up, getting them ready for school, packing lunch, taking them to school, going to work, picking their kids up from a daycare, returning home to fix dinner for their kids, help them with their homework, and getting them ready…show more content…
This makes me fear having a family, and my kids ever feeling alone. The biggest issue with being alone so often was that my speech was hindered, because I had no one to tell me how to pronounce words. I could read words perfectly fine in my head and knew what they meant, however, I could not pronounce them. Because of my speech issue I was held back in the first grade, and I had to attend speech therapy classes. I never graduated from the class, I simply changed schools because my mom met a man she wanted to move in with. The negative effects of being raised by a single mother is that I was very lonely, and my education was delayed. In conclusion, I love my mother very much. I believe the best thing about this negative effect in my life is that I learned how to be very self-sufficient. Being self-sufficient has helped me have my life together, and have a lot of independence. I am glad I got to experience this, fore it has made me the person I am today. However, I did miss her a lot, and missed out of many mother- daughter experiences as a child. The effects of being raised by a single mother not only benefited me by being responsible, but it also hindered my
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