Single Mothers Disadvantages

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As China has experienced a vast economic success as it partially opened the market after Mao’s death, various expected and even unexpected issues have aroused accordingly; for instance, massive urbanization took place in major cities, especially in the eastern side of the country, allowing a large number of migrant workers to seek opportunities in the new world, but simultaneously we can discover how China is actually not fully ready for this population to smoothly adjust to such environments. Among these problems, I want to accentuate on how Chinese single mothers from different backgrounds differ from each other, but how they are inter-connected as a whole—what are their main adversities and what reasons or social phenomena further exacerbate…show more content…
Xie is a news reporter in Shanghai that decided to become a single mother herself. Unlike Ms. Lei and Zhong Yu, she has a financially secured status and successfully situated her baby with right to residency permit—she gave birth to her son in a partly foreign owned hospital, which made her unnecessary to get aids from a neighborhood committee for registration of the pregnancy (French, 2008). Ms. Xie discovered how irresponsive her ex-fiancé was when she informed about her pregnancy, so she decided to leave her fiancé and raise the child alone. Even though she is not engaged in a marital relationship, thanks to her residence in Shanghai—one of the wealthiest Chinese city with liberal provisions for certifying residency permits— Ms. Xie was capable of providing the necessary licenses and permits to her child; however, her case only applies to the wealthy and educated mothers, not for peasants and working-class mothers with mere education and money; their choices are much more restricted (French, 2008). Regardless of the ease she benefited from her status, Ms. Xie still had to experience difficulties just as other single mothers living in China. As a single mom, she had to receive inconvenient perspectives from others when she applied the residency permit for her son—even though she was protected and had the right to apply for it. Furthermore, she also had to lie to her acquaintance about the existence of her husband, insisting that the father of her…show more content…
Xie’s s situation, I can figure out no matter how the status of a single mothers may facilitate the process of permit for the child that they gives birth to, the burdens and hardships that they have to experience and overcome is same for every single mom; the social view and improper conditions they need to bare is too severe. Even though the Communist Party in China proposed the women’s freedom in 1949, the gender inequality that is widespread in China aggravate the right for these women to bravely stand out in their communities as single mothers; many Chinese people do not respect the decisions that these “individuals” have made and even regard women as mere bearers of offspring for husbands’ families (French, 2008). Not only gender inequality, but the different standards between wealthy cities in the eastern China and those that are not further acerbate the situations of single mothers; while the major economic cities in the eastern China have much more lenient permits and gives more opportunities for the single moms with strong financial status, the rest of the country easily ignores the plight of un-educated and poor working class mothers—especially migrant workers— and their choices are severely more limited and restricted (French, 2008). Moreover, the residency permit (hukou) system that restricts people to the places of their births and easy-access to abortion all over the nation may substantiate as reasons that worsens the condition of single mothers.

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