Single Mothers Stereotypes

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Single mothers get denied and passed over simply for being mothers and the stereotypes that follow. Single mothers get discriminated by landlords as well as, mortgage brokers and co-op. They simply pass over them. “Far beyond housing, many things are often either more expensive when we are single or the cost has longer lasting financial ramifications for us” (Denise). Meaning, if you are a single mother you spend more than those who are married. It is illegal for landlords to refuse to rent to single mothers however, they still continue to do so. “Women’s experiences of housing discrimination are frequently related to their sex, and are often related to other characteristics such as their family or marital status… low-income women experience…show more content…
“Women in the workplace using the stereotypes surrounding motherhood as some of their primary defining characteristics. Men who work outside the home for pay may also be fathers, but no stereotypes prompt employers to fear that men’s parental roles threaten their productivity” (Kennelly, 172). Single mothers get stereotyped as always being late and having to be absent from work. They are also stereotyped as unable to do things due to the fact that they are women. Therefore, they receive discrimination for being single mothers as well as, the simple fact that they are women. “Has had major implications for the high proportion of women working in the public sector, most of whom are employed at lower levels than men” (Leckie, 180). Again, they have to do the same job yet they are to receive a lower income. “There is also a vast array of ways in which single people are targets of “singlism”, which is when you are stereotyped, stigmatized, and discriminated against because you are single” (DePaulo). Due to all the stereotyping that occurs, people get discriminated based on their life actions such as, the choice of being a single mother or
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