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Department of Communication Date: 03/20/2018 COM203 Name: Bernadette El Jamous ID: 201302642 Preparation outline for Persuasive speech General Purpose: To persuade Topic: Single Parent Adoption Specific purpose: To persuade the audience that a single person is fully capable of raising a child on their own and therefore should take the legal right of adoption too. Introduction: Why would a single man or women give up on their freedom and decide to raise a child? Cherishing and sharing life as a family, is a worldwide need that any individual at a certain age would like to accomplish. However, in our today world people and specially adults are getting more independent and not…show more content…
The main solution needed for this problem is adoption. This is the reason why single individuals should be able to adopt and should be treated as any other couple willing to go through this process. A. If an individual chooses to be single and not be in a relationship or get married, this doesn’t automatically means that this individual is not skilled enough to raise a family. 1. Organizations can implement the solution of single parent adoption, by taking into consideration that any married couple that adopted a child, could get a divorce at any moment. And we also have to consider that any single individual can get married eventually. 2. According to Child Welfare Information Gateway (2011), studies and statistics have revealed that adopted children raised up by single individuals experience results that are as good as those for children adopted by couples. B. Agencies and organization started adopting this new solution and excepting more and more the fact that single parent are capable of adopting children as any other couple. 1. The growing number over the years of one-parent households due to divorce and to unmarried women having and keeping their children and with so many children living in this type of childhood environment, pushed the adoption agencies to consider unmarried men and women as potential adopters for these overgrowing numbers of abandoned and homeless children around the…show more content…
Single parent adoption can result in several benefits for both the adopter and the adopted. A. The benefits of the adoption procedure by single parents on the abandoned children. 1. The welfares of adoption can be touched by a uncountable number of individuals all over the world, as approximately everybody has been affected by adoption in some kind of way. Neighbors, friends, families– not only a family is formed but also the young abandoned individual will have a Life secured for him and will be able to live with people that picked to cherish and love them. It is better to be raised by one parent then none at all. 2. It is better to be raised by one dedicated individual, than two who are continuously backbiting and fighting. The kids are our future, and must be taken in by anybody who is willing and proficient of doing so, regardless of their marital status. B. The benefits of the adoption procedure on single parents. 1. Individuals that couldn’t get pregnant or get married will have the opportunity through single parent adoption to live a parenthood and transmit their infinite love and attention to a child they chose to devote their life

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