Lifelong Adoption Essay

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The relationship between parents and a child is a very fundamental part of life, yet not every children gets the chance to be able to have a relationship with their parents. Up to this day, there are 107,918 foster children waiting to be adopted, based on the information given by the website Adoption Network. Each of the 107,918 continue to ache to be taken into a loving household. Even if being adopting into a single parent household children are just as likely to receive love and careness. In the website Lifelong Adoptions, Yissell, a single parent, recalls her own experience with adoption. Yisell reports that she went, “through years of failed pregnancies and infertility, and waited 3 years to be selected for a child placement through the CPS program.” Yisell continued to recall how tough it was for her to be taken seriously about wanting to adopt a child because she would be a…show more content…
Even with no factual information, according to the Child Welfare Gateway, many single people trying to adopt reported that they are more likely than couples to experience challenges in completing an adoption. The correlation challenge may be a result of the stigmatism that people grew up with, that a child deserves to have two parents. However, there are certain situations in which a child may find it easier to relate to one parent whether that is a mother or father figure. For example, “Some children who have experienced trauma or attachment difficulties may experience a high degree of consistency and emotional safety with a single-parent than with dual-parent families.” (The Adopting as a Single Parent Handbook). Children with attachment issues may lead to a lack of bondage with their birth parents which may be why they are not easily comfortable around two parents and it results in being easier for them to be adopted by a single

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