Single Parent Essay Examples

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Single Parent First I would sit down with the student, to get feel of what issues are getting in the way of in excelling in school. If the student say’s it is too hard to work fulltime, raise children, and attend school. I would try to encourage the student by telling them that I grew up as only child with a single mother; it was only the two of us. She worked two jobs one was a night shift as a nurse, the other was cleaning houses during the day, and plus she went to school. So as a child I had to do my part around the house. I would explain to the student, as single parent you will need help from your children around the house to find time to study.Futhermore I would explain to the student, that my mother personally started showing me things to do,
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When you look at set goals on a day today basis, it’s more proactive than looking at all your tasks at once. You are more likely to stay motivated and focused. The student must ask himself certain questions like what would I like to accomplish, and how will I do this? When it comes to goal setting there are two types of goals you can set for yourself, long term and short term. Long term goal setting allows you to set specific objectives that you want to work towards. It is very easy to get discouraged if you don't set any long-term goals for yourself. If you don't care about what you learned in your scores, then you most likely won't care about what your final marks will be. Short term goals, will help you answer the first questions you ask yourself. By setting daily and weekly goals you can work your way to small doses in order to come closer to your long term goals. Without short term goals it's easy to get overwhelmed by your long-term ambitions creating unwanted
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