Persuasive Essay About Single Parents

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Single Parent Families Can Succeed! "Single Parent" families are known as "the fastest growing family style" in the United States and likewise in several other countries. The recorded number of divorces, separations, desertions, and illegitimate births is seen to have had tremendous consequences for millions of parents and children worldwide. Many parents never conceived or have the intention of raising their children on their own or without their partner. Most single parents go through a lot of hurdles raising their children alone, having had to deal with a lot of unwanted feeling such as anger, regret, loneliness, all amidst dealing with their job, and managing their family. The children sometimes witness their parent go through these emotions…show more content…
In countries where public assistance is available, single parents are advised to make use of it, at least until they can secure a job. It’s not a bad or shameful to take advantage of these provisions when necessary. Widows and divorcées are often confronted with similar challenges. Going back into the labor market after years of homemaking always tend to prove abortive and mostly results in low-paying jobs. Some succeed in increasing their chances by enrolling in job-training programs or short-term school courses. Don't be upset if your children are unhappy when you are seeking for employment, and do not feel guilty about it. They deserve an explanation and do well to make them understand that you required to provide for them and in time they will adjust. However, do well to spend as much time with them as your time permits. Sincere and loving attention can help to minimize the impact of any financial limitations the family may be experiencing. Establishing WHO IS TAKING CARE OF WHOM? Naturally single parents tend to be very close to their children, but care should be taken to avoid too much encroachment on responsibilities. For example, serious issues may arise if a single mother demands that her son takes on the responsibilities of the man of the house or treats the daughter as a confidant, burdening the girl with personal problems. This is improper, and it may be confusing to a

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