Single Parent Research Paper

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If parenting books and mothers told the truth about what it is like to be a parent, would so many women decide to go through with their pregnancies? There are much-unplanned pregnancies from the ages thirteen to twenty-five so many of these women becoming single mothers. Single Parenting is the toughest job that any woman will even take on in their lives. Their thoughts mostly consist of one thing and one thing only is my child happy, can they do this raise a child on their own. Parents often lose themselves in the process their life becomes just about the child and providing for them every day for the rest of their lives. The struggle of single parenting isn't talked about, but rather kept in the dark, whereas only the joys and wonders of…show more content…
Being a single parent is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have to take on n your life, never getting a chance to just to breath take a moment just for themselves. Single parents much more than mother and father they become a teachers, cooks, maids, doctor to a child parents are everything, now image just literally being a child everything. When their child is upset and throwing a fit yelling, screaming and crying attempting to calm them doesn't work getting overwhelming. At times the mother can begin to cry right with them the stress from work as well as from home life can be so much for one person to handle, but in the single mother case the weight of the world is on her shoulders. A child love is so strong to them it doesn't matter how you look whether or not you feel you have this parenting thing, they are willing to stay by your side and go through the ups and down of life with you. All a single parent can think about is how they don't want their child to have to struggle with them, they don't deserve this am failing them, starting to doubt they can actually do this, can "I" be a parent. The fear of failing can really tear a mother
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