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Once, there was a girl named Petra, she got pregnant at an early age and became a single parent, she has been criticized by the society because of being a single parent. Is it wrong to be a single parent? Do people really need to have a partner in order to sustain the child and make the child grow into a better person? Some people might say yes to those questions, but they must understand that being a single parent can be better than having a wife or a husband to take care of a child. Being a single parent can even have its own benefits: Single parents can have more time for their child, work harder for their child, and even teach more values to their child. Being a single parent is beneficial because, single parent can have more time…show more content…
According to (Saunders, 2007), he said that the usual problem that single parents concern is the practicality and most of the time single parents nowadays need to work and strive for their children, these involving to look for a suitable care giver or care taker for the children, having to arrange schedules when having to work late or at weekends. Another article ones said that by hearing the side of a 23 year old Jackielyn Rhio Guerrero concerning financial problem, she said that it was not easy to be a single parent, especially that her partner said that he was not yet ready to take the responsibility and that he was not ready to become a father. But then, her father helped her out, not just emotionally but in financially as well, until she found her own job. She said that “Those were the times when I told myself that I really need to be a good parent to my child, especially since he only had me to depend on,” she shares. Another single parent, Sherlyn Clerigo shares the same thing with Jackie. She said “It's hard especially when she's sick - you really have to take leave from work until she gets well. It's also a big problem when your helper decides to quit her job and leave you without any replacement. These incidents always force me to use up my emergency leaves,” (Rodriguez, 2011). Those are more likely problems concerning being a single parent but that does not stop them from striving hard for their children to survive and be given the full support from a single

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