Impacts Of Single Parenthood

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3. Impacts that will caused by single parenthood There are many impacts that caused by single parenthood. The impacts can be categorized as impacts on single parents themselves, children, and the society.
3.1 Impacts on Single Parents For single parents, they will face the impacts of financial problems, emotional stress, psychological disorder, faced challenges, facing prejudice and social stigma, difficult in new relationship, and lack of time for themselves.
3.1.1 Financial Problems Financial problems is the most issue that single parents will faced. Single parents will worry about whether the monies are enough or sufficient for their families to meet their daily basic needs. For instance, single mothers had
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For example, a single parent suffer psychotic disorder like depression due to unacceptable situation such as betray and death of their spouse. They may be cranky and suffer from hallucinations that all people around them will betray and harmful to them. They also suffer mood disorder like persistent feeling hopeless, helpless, sadness and so on. This could lead them to have high risks of heart disease and other diseases. Some single parents will suffer eating disorder. Eating disorder include severe overeating or consuming food which is not enough to their body healthy. For instance, some single parents feel stress and lack of appetite to eat at last they suffer the disease of Anorexia Nervosa. Their weight will suddenly decreased and they become skinny. If they do not receive treatment, they will starve and dead.
3.1.4 Faced Challenges Single parents also faced challenges in providing children education, cares, and loves especially for a single parent who carrying more than one child as the children may think that they are not getting enough of loves from their parents. For instance, if a single parent family, has two child, one of the child may have to use the old school uniform from his or her siblings. The child may feel unfair and misunderstanding that their parent is partiality or the parent is dislike of him or her.
3.1.5 Facing Prejudice and
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3.3.1 Discriminated and Prejudice from society It is quite common that, single parents and their children are discriminated by other people in a society. For instance, a single parent may be rejected after interviewing a job just because of they are single parent. Single parents may prejudice by the people in the society that since they cannot managed well in their relationship therefore it will be the same in their works. Apart from that, in Sharia Law, mothers who have converted to Islam are sometimes being discriminated. This is because there is a perception that they could not raise their children according to an Islamic way of life.
3.3.2 Social Stigma from the Society Single parent may also face social stigma in the society. For example, in a neighborhood, single parents may be involved in a gossip by their neighbor that they are stingy such as unwilling to spend money to buy somethings that their child request for, buy something which is cheap as a gift to neighbor and so
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