Single Parenting Disadvantage

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The Downside of Single Parenting “A single parent could feel like a mouse racing on a wheel, where she/he is continually running, trying to maintain a proper household and raise healthy children.” This is a statement from Victoria Thompson. I do believe in this statement because for me single parents, unlike the married couple, are having a hard time in dividing their time with their work and taking good care of their kids. So, single parenting faces more disadvantages like the experience of economic hardship, negative judgment of the community and the psychological effects on rearing children that make the family and relation cycle really complicated.

Single parenting is about having a child without living with a partner or spouse. In historical
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Single parents are earning less because there is only one source of income. They need to work double time in order to support their living. Given that, many single parents are spending more time working than bonding with his/her children. Their time was divided unequally with their work and their children. Because of lack of attention, children may become a rebel, do bad things, and in worst cases, use drugs. Being financially unstable also affects the children’s relationship with other children. Children who are financially unstable can’t afford to buy the latest gadget, clothes and the likes, unlike the other children. Thus, their children may envy other children because of being unable to buy the “latest”. Moreover, their children may feel awkward with other children because he/she feels outdated. This may result to the child’s lonely childhood. Instead of socializing with other children with his age, he/she may want to just play alone. Financial instability also slows the child’s academic progress in school. Poor single parents can’t afford to buy their children home computers, laptops, books, and the other things that can help their children to succeed in school. Not being able to have the things that help in learning, he/she may have a hard time understanding his/her lessons well. Therefore, the children can lose their interest in schooling that can lead them to drop…show more content…
First, their children may suffer bullying because of having only one parent. This can affect the children’s way of living. Kids who are bullied can experience negative physical, school, and mental health issues. The child will not be able to do what he wants because he will be afraid to socialize with other children. Second, a child with a single parent can compare their selves to the other children who have married parents. A child may feel envious about not having a father/mother to guide him/her. According to Paul R. Amato, “Children living with single parents are exposed to more stressful experiences and circumstances than being children living with continuously married parents.” This statement proves that single parents are having a hard time raising their children. Lastly, the children living with a single parent can have a hard time expressing their feelings. Children who don’t see or feel the act of love between his/her parent can have a hard time expressing their feelings with other person. Due to unseen acts of love, the child may be confused on how he/she will show their feelings with other person. So instead of showing it, they are going to hide their feeling with their self

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