Single Parents Raising Children Research Paper

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Parenting Advice for Single Parents on Raising Children Noah Brown By Noah Brown Aug 24, 2012 One of the toughest jobs that anyone in the world can have is that of a parent. Raising children is even more difficult for those who have to undertake the job without having a partner to help parent the kids. Single parents face many more challenges because they often have to be both mother and father as well as hold down a job to keep a roof over their family 's heads and put food on the table. It 's hard to be everything to everyone but with these parenting help, you will learn how to be effectively raising children without pulling out all of your hair. Be a Team Working together as a unit is essential for a family to function properly. This is especially true for single parents and working parents. When everything is left for one person to do, things become a lot more difficult. You really must learn to delegate the…show more content…
Without you taking your position as head of the family, your children will think that they are on the same playing field as you. Remember, you are the parent and not your child 's friend. Just Get Away Alone time is very important for parents, however it is usually pretty hard to find some time that you can have to yourself. The stress that single parents and working parents endure oftentimes can harm child parent relationships. That is why taking time for yourself is not only well deserved but needed in order to be a good parent. Even if you can only squeeze one hour each week to get away from everything, you should do it. You 'll feel better about yourself and you will see less trouble in your child parent relationships. One on One Time Kids always compete to get their parents ' attention and this can be overwhelming when you are raising children without a spouse or partner. Since there is only one parent, all of your kids will want to have your

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