Single Payer Health Care Case Study

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Should the U.S. adopt a single-payer health care system? Our healthcare system seems to be crumbling before our eyes with more questions than answers about how it is helping or not helping the American people. The news headlines in recent months have been about Obamacare and whether or not to repeal and replace, scrap it all together, or go with a single-payer healthcare system. The U.S. government should look into a system that will be less government involvement and more benefits for the people. No government should have a say so whether or not you should have health care or you will get penalized. The Government is there to govern the country not how an individual decides to handle their healthcare. The Obamacare was supposed to help those who…show more content…
If the government opts to go with a single-payer system, it can do more harm than good. It may have its perks, but at the end of the day, it will be the people that will pay for it in more ways than one. The single-payer system will have the government controlling the costs and who will be able to be covered and dictate when services can be rendered. (Pipes, 2014) A) Pros to a single payer system: I) everyone can get coverage regardless of a pre-existing condition. Coverage would II) There is a decrease of necessary paperwork III) No insurance carrier needed IV) Only need one buyer for the policies: The Government B) Cons to a single-payer system: I) Government Controlled, you do not have a say so in your coverages, doctors, medical devices/equipment II) Reduces the financial incentives to researchers for medical research III) Fewer benefits for everyone who has to pay for benefits for those who do not work. IV) Promotes welfare, it is easier to be unemployed even though you are employable MODULE 04 WA-PERSUASIVE PAPER, FIRST DRAFT 4 V) You will not get the services covered you want that would be considered elective such a knee replacement that is not deemed medically necessary by the government’s definition.
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