Single Payer Healthcare System

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Healthcare, healthcare is the maintenance and improvement of one’s health often through medical services. Most developed countries have some form of healthcare for society. However just because the nation is developed, they do not have the same type of healthcare model. Every nation has a different type of model to accommodate the population. In the United States, there has been historical reform to the United States’ health care recently, the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, and made some reforms that can be considered “a big deal”. Many progressive or liberals like Nick Wing and Jeffery Young , writers of the Huffington Post, ask valid concerns on the healthcare law when it was passed like “What happens if not enough people enrolled…show more content…
A public option is a government insurance plan that people enroll in that compete with private healthcare companies. The government would play role in the healthcare market. Single payer healthcare system is quite different than a public option. According to Jeffrey D. Munn and Lynne Wozniak, writers of the Academic Journal “Benefits Quarterly” , defined what a single payer is ; “Single-payer health care systems—regardless of whether they are located……. to provide universal, comprehensive care without impediments to reasonable access.” (Munn, Woziak 2007 pd 9). Compared the public option, there will be a bigger effect on the healthcare market because everyone has healthcare, so how will private insurance companies use advertising appeal to convince people to switch to public to…show more content…
It summarize that the unhealthy people and people of lower income status would use the public option to meet basic needs, while healthy people would remain on the plan because the private healthcare plan would have better benefits than the public one. “At equilibrium, the public insurer will choose to cover the less healthy group of consumers, leaving the healthier, more promotable section of the market to the private insurer. Consequently, the private insurance plan generates a substantially positive profit, and the public plan runs at a balanced budget.” (Barbos & Deng 2013 p.d. 23). A public option would meet the wants of certain people and go there, causing a decrease demand of private ones, but again more profit for the private firms. A single payer system to some would considered a monopoly on the healthcare industry because of the government resources and power. However that is not the case. A single system would incentive more people to change to private insurance because the potential strain it might cause the individual. Mark E. Litow, publish the fears of a single payer system in “Benefit Quarterly”. It summarizes the strains it would cause. “Single-payer systems do not have built-in incentives to control
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