Single Schools Is Better Than Single-Sex Schools

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The world is developing little by little everyday, much faster than we all can recognised. One of the factors that drives many countries to be more developed is the people. Countries will develop much faster when citizens are educated. In order for citizens to be educated, they have to study in school which will provide them basic needs for communication, writing, reading, and etc. This means that school is one of the most important institutions that take a very serious part in educating humans to be smarter. With this being said, there are many types of schools all around the world, for instance, international schools, bilingual schools, private, or even government schools. Some of these schools happened to be single-sex schools, separating boys and girls in a different place, different environment. However, the majority of schools from all over the world are mostly coeducational schools where both genders can study and experience the school life together. There has been a long controversy of whether single-sex or coed school is better. A lot of people may think that single-sex schools are better that each gender should be brought up differently, because according to Northwestern University, they learn different ways and that girls’ brains are different from boys’. However, as new generation people, we have a completely different opinion and strongly believe that coeducational schools are better than single-sex schools in many ways. Not only it affects academic
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