Single Sex Education Research Paper

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Impact of Single- Sex Education on Learners

Impact of Single- Sex Education The differences in brain development and learning styles are enough reason for boys and girls to be taught separately in order to maximize learning and improve performance. Single- sex schools acknowledge and embrace this diversity by employing learning strategies that do not exist in coeducational classrooms. This paper shows the positive impact of single- sex classrooms on learners academically, biologically and socially, as well as the impact of single- sex education on society.
Academic Benefits of Single-Sex Classrooms
Choosing Non- Traditional Subjects
The environment in coeducational schools reinforces academic stereotypes
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This is because of the confidence they get when they succeed in non- traditional subjects and are more likely to venture in career fields which are seen as male – oriented.
Social Impact of Single- Sex Education
Greater Autonomy and Independence in Relationships
While learners in both single- sex and coeducational schools enjoy the same amount of social interaction with the opposite sex, teenage sex and unwanted pregnancies are more common in coed high schools. This is because, a boyfriend is usually a part of the same social group as the girl and both are influenced by the group when it comes to decisions about sex. Teenagers in single-sex schools do not face the same group pressure, therefore are more likely to make such decisions on their own.
Single- sex schools breakdown gender stereotypes not only academically, but also socially with girls becoming more competitive and boys more collaborative. Many studies show that middle- school and high- school girls in these schools are more likely to participate in competitive sports than girls at coed schools.
Psychological Impact of Single- Sex
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