Single Sex Education Vs. Co-Education

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SINGLE SEX EDUCATION VS CO-EDUCATION Education is the most important thing in the world. All the heaven religions asked for it, like: Islam, Christian and Jewish. The first word in Qur’an was ‘Iqra’ Read! You must have a lot of knowledge, educate everything. Education is the light that shows your way. There are two kinds of education Single sex education or co-education. Single-sex education increases the students’ knowledge a lot. Some people claims that co-education is better than single-sex education because it can damage the student’s social life. Although, I strongly believe that single-sex education doesn’t affect social life while it gives them more motivation and confidence. As well as, girls and boys have different learning style. Students learnt in co-education schools suppose that being in mixed schools was very essential in their social life. Made communications with the other gender a lot easier to them. Furthermore they consider student whom learnt in single sex education schools handicapped having a lot of issues in dealing with girls or to work with them without being panic. Mixed schools prepared them to their adulthood: which made them feel that girls are completing them. (Dale 1969) stated that those from mixed schools believed that their school life had helped them in this respect. On the other hand According to (Dale 1969) said that sex made no difference or that it depended on the individual’s competence or age. This shows that single sex education
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