Single Sex Schools Essay

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Mixed Sex Schools vs Single Sex Schools The idea of co-education was introduced by the Greek philosopher Plato who believed that girls and boys should be treated the same. Co-education means a system, where males and females learn together under same construction. Co-education system removes any difference between boys and girls and gives them an opportunity to learn, read, write and play together in a surrounding where people are not distinguished on the basis of their sex. When the topic of coeducation arrives at the surface of the debate, sounds of jeering and cheering arise, however which sound will fade to the strength of the other? Some people believe that single sex schools are better while…show more content…
For instance girls do indoor activities like gathering research material from internet and decoration etc while boys can perform the duties which are related to outdoor activities. Some people claim that single sex students are academically better in their studies and learning while research shows that boys in co-educational schools are more enthusiastic and eager as compared to boys learning in single sex schools, co-education enables them to voice their ideas and opinions in the presence of girls and they also learn to behave well with girls, interact with girls and gain respect from them. The group assignments and discussions provides them a chance to learn from each other socially and academically. The ‘progressive’ view: The progressive school movement and Dale (1969, 1971, 1974) both stressed the advantages of co-education for boys. They argued that boys would be civilized through contact with girls, and would therefore achieve more academically. Dale stressed that the advantage of coeducational schooling for the boys was not at the expense of the girls, who would do equally well academically in either single-sex or co-educational schools. In recent times there has been a generally held perception that girls are better off academically in single sex schools. Some have made claims that this is also true of boys' schools. In fact what the research tells us is quite at odds with these
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