Single Sex Vs Coed Education

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Single Sex Vs. Coed Education
There has been a never-ending debate as to which of the two methods of education is the most suitable, single sex or coed education. However, there has been no concrete evidence which demonstrates that one method is more effective that the other. Single sex education is the practice of educating boys separately from the girls. As a result, boys are not taught in the same environment with the girls. In such cases, you get to find that girls and boys are not freely able to interact as such institutions only provide education services for either gender. In such situations, boys and girls learn in different environments where they are taught the same content but in different set ups and by different teachers as well.
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Historically, there has been what the feminists refer as education segregation. The term was given to the unfair treatment of girls as far as education was concerned (Daubié). Initially, the most common method of education was single sex education. Females did not attend schools but were educated at home. It developed that way mainly because in the early centuries only the males were allowed to get a proper education. In those times, it was mainly a sexist society. Only men had the right to study, women in the other hand were not allowed to get a proper education from a school or university. In the 1800s, girls began attending single-sex schools. And it was not until 1880s and early into the 20th century that women were allowed in males schools. Julie-Victoire Daubié, a French woman, became the first women to graduate from a university when she obtained a bachelor degree in Lyon in…show more content…
Coed schools provide students with an environment suitable for the development of the interpersonal skills needed for future labor force. The school is a reflection of society and consists of males and females just like in the society. In societies, people interact with males and females. They function as decision makers or workers through healthy relationships. Therefore, there is no chance of avoiding the contact between the sexes. There is a need to put much attention for both sexes to collaborate in a proper manner so that they can learn skills that can help them to have good working society when they become adults. On the other hand, single-sex schools do not provide such an interactive process, leading to the possibility of a child developing a negative orientation against the opposite sex. For example, a boy in a single sex school may feel shy when communicating with a girl because of a lack of confidence. In favor of coed school, it is the accumulated experience of interacting with the opposite gender that makes a person to be apt at social skills, as opposed to the single-sex school that incubates social

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