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The Art of Many Stories In 2009, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie delivered a speech to a TED Talk audience, called “The Danger of a Single Story”. She shares how she personally has come to realize there are always two sides to a single story. Adichie is a successful author, who has also created an organization, and given many empowering speeches about her experiences in life. Her speeches use both laughter and seriousness to inspire her audience. In a powerful TED Talk, Chimamanda Adichie informs her audience on the dangers of stereotypical storytelling. She successfully fills her speech with numbers and detail, presents herself as a professional figure, and emotionally connects with her audience. Adichie's use of detailed information and addition…show more content…
Delivering her speech as a TED Talk, rather than a typical speech, Adichie gains trust because of the famous stage. TED is a well known organization which is devoted to spreading ideas around the world. The stage is professional and famous, forming automatic trust with the audience. Adichie additionally refers to the book she has gotten published, “Shortly after he published my first novel, I went to a TV station in Lagos to do an interview”. By mentioning a novel she wrote, as well as “he” in reference to her publisher, overwhelms her audience with her accomplishments. She also mentions her organization she has created with her publisher, which provides books and libraries for students and schools who cannot afford their own. Mentioning her non-profit organization, shapes her trustworthy and honest character. She gains extra trust by proving she is highly educated in her subject. “I had read Tyler and Updike and Steinbeck and Gaitskill”. By stating she had read these famous author’s work, makes her name and word more credible. The audience is more likely to believe her if she has studied famous authors they know of. Adichie successfully secured trust in her audience by using a well known organization to deliver the speech, listing her impressive accomplishments, and providing evidence of her

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