Single Stomached Digestive System Essay

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The single stomached digestive system is found in animals for example dogs or a horse. In the single stomached digestive system the stomach is a sac like structure which is designed to store large quantities of food and to continue the digestive process. A series of folds called gastric folds are located on the interior surface of the stomach. These gastric folds help digest and food. The inner stomach lining secretes enzymes to break the food down and acids. Partially digested food leaves the stomach by the pyloric sphincter area. It then enters the duodenum which is the first segment of the small intestine.
The structure of the small intestine is tube like and it extends between the large intestine and the stomach. The small intestine is the longest portion of the intestinal tract. The small intestine in a dog has three parts. The first portion is the duodenum which is attached to the stomach. The middle portion
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The reticulum has a honeycomb structure to its wall. The main role of the reticulum is to trap large feed articles. The reticulum makes sure that the large feed molecules do not enter the next section of the stomach without being digested and collects for additional rumination. The large food particles are regurgitated, re-shewed, salica added and then they are re-swallowed. The saliva is very important as it functions as a buffer. This allows cattle to eat forage quickly and then store later for digestion.
The omasum plays the part of a filter. The omasum wall is highly folded therefore it has a large surface area. The folds squeeze out the water from the feed to make sure that the majority of the water does not escape and go into the rest of the digestive tract. The fact that it has a large surface area allows the water to be efficiently absorbed. Salts are released from the partially digested food. The omasum moves food from the reticulorumen to the true stomach (abomasum) where acid digestion takes

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