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1. Single stories are stereotypes that are based off of one perspective of a group of people. Single stories are built upon each other and define people;however, single stories aren't always true. There is a saying "don't judge a book by its cover". However, people of all generations are very judgmental. There are numerous single stories used to describe clubs,sports, ethnicity, ect. In Middletown we have a single story based upon our cross country team at the high school. Our school is smaller than most of the schools surrounding us, and there are many sports offered in the fall when cross country falls. Therefore, many people don't run cross country due to other sports. Due to this reason, cross country is labeled as stupid, a waste of time, and easy. Peers of mine question why I run and why I would continue when I'm the only girl on the team. The assume are team is terrible because only a select few joined. However,…show more content…
He knows of numerous people who have issues because of running. He believes running is hard on the body, a waste of time, and that our team is okay. Running isn't bad for the body with the right equipment. Running is actually great cardio and for losing weight. My dad not approving of my choice to run affected me at first by making me feel bad because I want to make him proud, but now I don't care. He's learned to accept my choice in sports, but he still believes in the stereotype.

3.This single story isn't true, and I don't agree with the single story. Cross country is a sport just like football, volleyball, basketball,ect. People saying cross country is a waste of time and bad for the body makes me rethink their intelligence especially if they are an athlete. This single story used to upset me and make me very frustrated; however, I've learned to let them state their opinions. At the end of the day I'm doing what I enjoy and being active and that's all I care
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