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The Single Story
In today’s world, everybody has a single story. They affect the way we think about a person or group of people. Society and the media distribute stories of people and convince people to believe or feel the same way about the topic. Single stories cloud the judgement of people. They make you think you know the person and how they are going to act without actually getting to know them first.
I’ve always felt that I’ve been looked at differently because of the ways i wear my hair or how I dress and simply the fact that I don’t act the way the world thinks an African American should act. Media has portrayed us out to be an loud angry women with attitudes. Sometimes people even say “ you’re pretty for a black girl and you may even be one of the ones that make it.” At the time I was grateful for the compliment but I began to realize what was said, “for a black girl.” That one line continued to linger in my head. It made me feel like people think that just certain African Americans are pretty and that were few pretty ones.
In that moment I didn’t know how to make the lady feel stupid and prove her wrong, but as I continued to think about I figured she is so totally wrong. She failed to realized that many black women in history are be are beautiful. Many women living in the present are
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I continue to feel that way but the I also think the way I carry myself offends people. Mostly because I'm not the ghetto, loud, and obnoxious girl the media and society thinks I should be, but I am very modest and humble and I have goals and aspirations. It’s hard to make it far simply because of the color of my skin or do things that will get me recognized. However, I will accomplished everything I set my mind too. I want to prove that not every black person fails. Plenty of black women become nurses and lawyers and even run their own businesses and I will be glad to say that I will be one of those
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