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Single women Stereotypes and misconceptions have been apart of our society for the longest period of time. They are used everyday in life. Even though some of them are true, they can still be taken to offense. Misconceptions are what form stereotypes, but it could also be the other way around. Stereotypes can become misconceptions and misconceptions could also become stereotypes. They both are often misleading, and are based on bias opinions. Due to the lack of knowledge society has, they often judge a person or group before they get to know them. This is where the misconceptions and stereotypes tend to begin. As society’s perspective on different groups formed, single women face many misconceptions and stereotypes in everyday life. Stereotypes…show more content…
A stereotype could either be a positive or negative thing. Misconceptions are forms of stereotypes and are also viewed as untrue. They are not prejudice or discriminatory. A misconception is not prejudice because it is just a hearsay. It also does not discriminate because that would have to involve behavior, and there is no behavior in our thoughts just opinions therefore, that does not make it hateful. Additionally, misconceptions are assumptions of a person or group. Even though misconceptions are formed from stereotypes, they are also viewed as incorrect or based on pure lies. In the beginning, the misconception and stereotypes are true, but society is quick to label the rest of the group of people based on that perspective. In the article About Men, an essay from The Solace of open Space, by Gretel Ehrlich, Ehrlich states “Cowboys are just like a pile of rocks- everything happens to them, get climbed on, kicked, rained, snowed on, and scuffed up by the wind.”, She is being very exaggerated with this stereotype stating that everything gets “thrown” at the cowboys. This is why it is a stereotype, it started off as a misconception but society exaggerated it which made it a stereotype. To add another example in the article About Men, Ehrlich

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