Single Working Mothers Stereotypes

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Imagine a single working mother having to explain to her daughter why she can not take her to the father-daughter dance because of the possible judgements she might encounter. Over the years, different groups of people are labeled by society with different characteristics that are sometimes extremely absurd. This is usually a result from exaggerated facts that were once true or that were taken from a creative scene of a movie. Either way, these stereotypes have spread among individuals and often used to represent groups of people without actually understanding the reality. Unfortunately, these stereotypes can lead to misconceptions and cause even more negative suppositions about others. Stereotypes and misconceptions criticize people’s lifestyles, way of being, etc. One of the groups in society that is heavily judged is the single working mothers group, and…show more content…
Since she only works a minimum wage job, she is usually seen spending free time on the couch, watching movies all day. Since she only has kids for the welfare benefits and the child support checks, she spends her days at beauty salons and buying designer bags. Since her marriage was a failure, she hates her ex-husband to death and forbids anyone from mentioning his name. Since she struggles so much to balance time between work and the kids, these children grow up to be delinquents. This type of woman is as desperate to find a father to her kids as if it was a life or death situation. Everyone knows not to intervene with a single working mother because her mind is a ticking bomb waiting to explode. For the most part, it is fair to claim that most of the previously mentioned stereotypes are false, although some can be proven true, but definitely
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