Peter Parker's Spider-M Spider Feelings

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One of the most exaggerated powers among the superheroes in the Marvel universe belongs to Spider-Man: Spider feelings. In comic books, spider feelings are portrayed as tingling in the mind of Spider-Man when danger comes near. According to the size of the danger, this feeling can increase to such an extent. When the spider feelings combine with Spider-Man's proportional agility, it makes him a tough opponent. Because many of them avoid dangerously reflexively. Therefore, even a combination of six super criminals like Sinister Six can fight at the same time.
Peter discovered the frequency that triggered the spider senses and began to translate it into a tracking device. It can follow the criminals thanks to a spider-shaped and surface-adhering device placed in the network launchers.
Peter Parker is also a successful scientist. He specializes in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and mechanical engineering. Through his knowledge, he has won many desperate wars.
About Spider-Man’s clothing, Spiderman's Eyes is made of the Plastic silicon and his eyes don't visible from the outside. The spider-man costume is designed to reflect a more thin, aesthetic
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Peter's lifeless body is transported by Iron Man to the Avengers headquarters to keep him from being identified. When they think about how to explain Peter's death, they find Peter's body just to be left behind. Thanks to his forces, he is reborn, leaving behind his skin just like some species of spiders. Peter, who is in the cocoon for a while under the bridge, he returns. Returning from death, Peter Parker is now more agile and stronger than old Spiderman. In addition, new powers have emerged. The web is now secreted from the body, has an acquired night vision, the body feathers can now easily perceive the air currents and feel the vibrations of the nets as if they were a spider. But the most striking thing is the wrists and the

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