Sinkholes In School Case Study

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Later on the 11th, Paul 's grandparents call to tell the family that the sinkhole at the school is on the national news. Paul is disappointed to learn that the sinkhole is smaller than he thought it was. Dad comes home angry and agitated because his office has been getting calls asking why the Department of Civil Engineering had approved putting the school over the sinkhole. Dad 's boss couldn’t be reached so he had to answer the questions.Paul was shocked because he had to go to school on Thursday.The next day, the Tangerine Times published spectacular pictures of the sinkhole. It also published a letter to the parents of affected students telling them about an upcoming meeting to give details of an emergency relocation plan. The main school buildings have been certified “structurally safe”. The portables were certified as a disaster area. The football stadium has just lost half of the seating capacity, which affects the soon-to-be placekicker because he just lost his audience.The next day, starting from this morning, Dad is the Director of Civil Engineering for Tangerine County.The rest of the day they talk about Old Charley. But at the end, it is now all…show more content…
The next day, it was a time when the relocation plan is to be discussed. Paul and Joey and their families and maybe a thousand other people have gathered in the gymnasium. Dad positions himself on the stage. The county commissioners want him there to help them focus on Old Charley Burns as the guilty party. The meeting starts with Mrs. Gates thanking all the school staff who have been working hard since the disaster occurred. The meeting ended with the decision that school will begin early and end late. Class length will be decreased. Mrs. Gates then presents another choice for seventh graders. They can attend the Tangerine Middle School. Paul sees the Tangerine Middle School option as a really good idea, and his parents agree to let him go there. Which really made a difference in what life has stored
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