Sinking Of The Lusitania Essay

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The sinking of the Lusitania was not caused by a natural disaster, but was purposefully sunk in spite of a war. The Lusitania was one of the most famous shipwrecks in history, other than the Titanic, because it was the start of the World War I. America has definitely gone through the worst of times. What is so great about America, though, is that everyone unites together to fix a problem. Many passengers arrived for a relaxing, wonderful cruise but found themselves thrown into chaos as a torpedo entered the ship. This caused America to help out in the war by lending Britain equipment, soldiers, and jobs during this tough time.

In May of 1915, Germany and Britain were about ready to start World War I(Simpson 14). World War I had started in 1914, but did not get into full gear until after the sinking of the Lusitania. Germany had sent out warnings to America and Britain about the German U-boats lurking in shallow waters (Protasio 20). Any boat that came near them would be targeted. Many Americans were on board the British ship. Britain knew how dangerous it was to set sail, and warned the captain(Lusitania par 5). People disagreed with that and stated that the Lusitania was too fast and big to be targeted by the Germans (Sinking 17).

Germany and Britain had been at war for just about a year when the Lusitania sunk (Ballard par 4). Germany
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World War I was a horrific event in history. No one on board the Lusitania expected their lives to be ended because of some war that was yet to happen. There is no evidence on why the Lusitania was targeted and sunk, but many believe it was because it was supposedly working for Britain. Many people’s lives were ended in one of the most tragic and scary ways to die. The Lusitania truly was and is a great life lesson for everyone because it teaches that not everything is how it seems. God has a plan for everything that happens in life, no matter what and everything happens for a
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