Sinner In The Hands Of An Angry God Analysis

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Do you think you believe in God out of force, pity, or fear? These three factors are important when reading the two stories, which are “Upon the Burning of Our House” by Anne Bradstreet and “Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God” by Jonathan Edwards. They are both comparing and contrasting what they believe is right and wrong, also the three factors.

On July 10, 1666, Anne Bradstreet wrote a poem and filled it with fear and pity. She explains her thinking of Eternal Life, Relationship between God and Her, Religious beliefs, and Human moral weakness. She uses fear by stating “that fearful sound of fire and fire” (Bradstreet 5). As if someone is screaming for their life because the fire is about to consume them, they are terrified. She
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They both give their opinion on the four characters that Fair 2

goes with God’s plan for everyone. The two writers use fear to scare people into believing in God, because he brings great things to them but can take the great things away from to make them learn from it to. Bradstreet and Edwards have quite the bond with God, they both believe in him so strongly that they wouldn’t be phased if something really bad happened in their life because they know God is just getting them to grow stronger to him by giving them a bad obstacle to get through.

In conclusion, these two stories have showed that the bond between God and them think that he didn’t want them but he was getting them to grow stronger in him. They both have showed the four characters of God and their tactics to getting people to believe in him. They both compare and contrast what they believe is right and wrong in God’s
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