Sinthasomphonee Case Study

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1. Name of the Case: Estate of Sinthasomphone v. City of Milwaukee, 838 F. Supp. 1320, 1993. 2. Facts: On May 27, 1990, two women contacted the Milwaukee Police Department and reported an injured, naked young man lying on the street. The young man turned out to be Sinthasomphone, a 14 year old Laotian boy who had just escaped from the apartment of Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer had met Sinthasomphone the previous day and had offered to pay him to return to Dahmer’s apartment so that Dahmer could take nude photos of him. The boy agreed. Once back in the apartment, Dahmer took nude photos of the boy and then drugged him and physically and sexually abused him. When Dahmer left the apartment to go buy beer, Sinthasomphone escaped from the apartment and

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