Acupuncture In Sinusitis Essay

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get complete relief of symptoms. It is critical that treatment occur for a minimum of several weeks, and commonly patients may need to be treated for several months. Antifungal agents may need to be used for an even longer period. We commonly continue nonantibiotic treatment after stopping antibiotics. If patients don't get better, it is important for them to be evaluated for surgery. What is the place of acupuncture in sinusitis? A wide variety of non-traditional treatments have been used in treatment of sinusitis. Acupuncture has been used to help open the sinuses allowing the mucus to drain better. I had acupuncture before surgery. It helped, but I still had to have surgery. Most patients we have seen have felt that it has helped open their sinuses up,…show more content…
Many patients with chronic sinusitis have allergies which may partially complicate sinusitis. Allergies cause swelling and blockage the tiny holes which allow drainage of mucus from the sinuses. In addition, the allergies may cause swelling inside the sinuses and inside the nose. It is critical that patients with allergies control their environment to control their sinusitis. Because so many patients with sinusitis have allergies, we have included a section on allergies later this website as well. Do allergy shots help with sinus infections? In patients who have chronic sinus infections, I think it makes sense to do anything to avoid worsening of symptoms or surgery. If we find a patient is allergic and has chronic sinusitis, we often suggest getting allergy shots to desensitize them to the various things to which they are allergic, in the hope that it will help with the sinusitis. Because allergy shots take 6-24 months to work, they must used in conjunction with other treatment, including controlling exposure to environmental agents. We commonly include an evaluation for allergy to many molds in patients who have sinusitis. What role do food allergies play in

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