Suicide Club Film Analysis

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This particular movie marked Sion Sono 's return to the themes and forms that made him what he is, after the double break of Himizu and Land of Hope. The film premiered on the Venice Film Festival, where a 10-minute standing ovation took place upon its conclusion.
Many parallel stories are running simultaneously in Why Don 't You Play in Hell and it is quite an accomplishment that Sono does not lose track of them.
Ten years ago, Ikegami, a yakuza boss, staged a hit against rival Muto that ended in a bloodbath caused by Muto 's wife. The incident made the papers, thus terminating their daughter Michiko 's, acting career. Nowadays Muto wants to make a movie with his daughter in the main lead, to celebrate his wife 's release. The girl though,
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5. Suicide Club
Suicide Club was the film that established Sion Sono as a genuine cult filmmaker, chiefly for the introductory scene and the contentious subject it entailed.
54 girl students throw themselves in front of an oncoming train, in a mass suicide that ends up in a terrifying bloodbath, whereas all the TVs in the city show continuously the latest video clip by the ultra-successful girl-band Dessret. Soon after the incident, a suicide wave seizes the whole country, with none obvious reason. The police attempt to find the underlying cause with the sole evident of two rolls made from hundreds of connected human skin pieces. At the same time a young girl whose boyfriend also committed suicide, is also trying to find a logical explanation.
What we described in the prologue, about the evolution of the J-Horror genre, materializes during this specific movie, where Sono produces a terrifying effect without the assistance of the supernatural, simply by taking a social remark concerning the decaying, modern society, to its extremes. Suicide Club manages to place the terror in the heart of the spectator even within the simplest lines of its narrative, thus making films like Ju On, seem like child 's
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