Sioux Falls Short Story

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I’m just going to start off by saying this some of these stories in here have only been heard by a few people, others have been heard multiple times. Sioux Falls is the largest town in South Dakota, unfortunately that 's only where a small portion of the story takes place. Instead the story occurs in a small town west of sioux falls, called hartford. It has a population of about 3,000 people, but also has 10,000 rumors. I have lived hartford and the same house for all my life. It was fun when I was younger because my 2 bestfriends lived across the street. However you will soon see that nothing gold can stay.

Chapter one In the beginning Because I don 't remember my younger years as well,
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Or the time when I messing around on the kitchen counter like most 3 year olds do. I’m sure can imagine what happens next, cant you? Yep you were right I fell head to the ground. I’m now wonder if thats why i’m basically dislexic. Anyways the point of the story is that I still an indented scar in my cheek. Like I said before I dont remember much so bear with me.

Chapter two Sibilings I guess I cant talk that much because I dont have a brother, but I do have 2 occasionally annoying sisters. Dont get me wrong I love them dearly, but oh my godness they can get more stubborn than I am sometimes. Courtney is now 23 and married, but when we were younger it was me and her against the world. She may have not saw it that way, but thats how I saw her. The steak house was the birthday stomping ground. Although one night when we went, it wasnt anyones birthday, and were playing hang man on the green paper table cloth. Courtney and me started to see what mom was trying to tell us… she was pregnant! The next nine months were a rollercoaster of emotions for
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