Sioux Tribe American Culture

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Eventually the US government was able to contain the Indian tribes, but wanted to transform them into Americans. They began a process called Americanization which was simply to teach the Indians the ‘white’ ways. There would be preachers and teachers going to reservations very frequently attempting to convert the Indians into Christians and to create schools for children so they learn to be civilized. With all the preachers and teachers commuting daily trying to change the ways of the Indians lives, it still didn 't stop them from practicing their religious beliefs. For example, the Indian tribes would have a ritual dance called the Sun Dance, which was done very often. The US government got in the way of that and made it illegal to practice…show more content…
Now during this time Big Foot and the 350 people he led were on their way to another village to visit. Big Foot was very sick at this time with pneumonia and was being transported on a wagon. During their travels, Big Foot was intercepted by 500 troops the US sent. Their goal was to put a stop to Big Foot’s people from performing this ritual dance. Now, Big Foot was an honest man, when asked if they still performed the ghost dance he politely stated they do. Quickly Big Foot surrendered as he didn 't want trouble. The US troops told Big Foot to gather his people and camp out at Wounded Knee for the night and they will form a circle around them as protection. In the morning they were to decide what to do with the Sioux tribe. The morning rolled around and the Sioux tribe realized the troops started to confiscate their weapons from their campsite, which also included every day tools such as knives and axes. A young group of Sioux warrior men wearing ghost dance shirts were off to the side and very upset. These young men were amongst themselves talking how they would fight if the troops attempted to take their weapons. Off to the side was another Sioux member who had his weapon in hand next to his side with no sign of trying to hide it. A US troop saw this and ordered the young man to drop his weapon not realizing the Indian was deaf. At the sign of this Indian not wanting to cooperate, the troop decided to wrestle it out of his hands. This caused a ‘tug o war’ contest over this handgun, and the next thing that happened was a loud bang. Someone shot off a round into the soldier, causing the rest of the army to attack and massacre this whole campsite killing 153 Sioux
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